Watercolor Artists

Terry has been able to experience the tranquility and simple beauty of Midwest life and capture in on paper.  His works show the world the peace and beauty of nature, family and home. I encourage you to take a moment and experience his gallery of truly amazing, detailed work. Terry puts his heart into each of his pieces and I'm quite certain they will capture yours.  He has been able to experience the tranquility & simple beauty of Midwest life and capture it on paper.  His works show the world the peace & beauty of nature, family and home. 

For the past 3 years I have been extremely lucky to be able to attend Terry's classes.  These classes with him have been some of the most wonderful learning adventures that I have ever been on.  Terry is a gifted artist and a wonderful teacher who openly shares not only his talent but his knowledge.  

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Jacqueline Gnott  is an Indiana Artist.  In her paintings, Gnott attempts to capture the significance and reality of one moment in time and to study what appear to be the mundane objects of life, to explore the minute details and to vividly express them on paper with the fluidity of paint.  The link below will not only take you to her personal web pages, but from there, you will find the link to her online watercolor classes, FOR THE LOVE OF WATERCOLOR.

I am a member of Jackie's online forum and have learned so much from the lessons that are posted in the membership forum.  Each session is a wonderful learning experience.

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Originally from Spain, Lana graduated in 1983 from the Fine Arts School in Zaragoza, where she majored in Fashion Design and Art History.  She moved to the US in the 1990's and her detailed and colorful watercolors of New Jersey farms & towns won her a following & recognition in the  tri-state area.  Lana has been the recipient of numerous awards and has returned to the Art World after a long hiatus.  We're delighted that she's back!

I met Lana through her Facebook page and have so enjoyed seeing all of her work.  Each time I see that she has a new post I know that I am in for a visual treat.

Her Personal Website is:  Here      Her Blog Page is:  Here

The online classes that I am taking from Rebecca Rhodes are taking me on such an exciting adventure and I feel her classes are also taking my work to another level. In all the years that I've oil painted and in the few years that I've done watercolors I have never "done" a painting of a dog.  I've attempted a few but alas, into the trash bin with them.  The very first painting that I did, following her wonderful concise instructions allowed me to sit and smile at my finished painting.  Rebecca is a watercolor artist (extraordinaire) and a teacher who lives in Pennsylvania.  She specializes in detailed, realistic paintings and loves to share what she has learned about creating those beautiful, realistic watercolors.  Her work is outstanding and her classes ... well, I can't say enough good things about them.  Everything is explained so well and shown so clearly that I feel she's sitting right there next to me! PLEASE, take the time and visit her online school where you can watch some of the step-by-step tutorials in real time.

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