Saturday, June 17, 2017

This spring, I was lucky enough (again) to be able to take the 4 spring classes with Terry Armstrong.  Since the day I first picked up a paint brush I have wanted to paint corn .... realistically .... so when this class was offered this spring I was floating on clouds.  Work on the painting was done during the 8 hours in class and then at home, another 8 hours or so went into the painting.  Grandpa had a huge corn crib and had milk cows and hogs and sometimes, horses and I can remember climbing up and into that corn crib (no matter how many times I was warned to stay out of it) and I would take the dried corn and twist it off of the cob and put it in my hands to feed the horses ... loving that "soft touch" of their mouth as they lifted the corn out of my hands.  Such great memories.  Each time I look at this painting, I think of Grandpa!

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