Friday, June 3, 2016

I Do Love Pinecones..brings thoughts of the North Woods!

I have always loved pine trees and pine cones ... and birch trees.  In reading and doing research I've found that Poland is filled with birch trees and with pine trees so perhaps my love is "inherited"????   

In any case, over the holidays I had done a tutorial of a pine bough, pinecone and a red ribbon and had so much fun painting it .. so, I decided to just do a simple pinecone all by itself.  The painting is a watercolor done on hot pressed paper purchased from Twinrocker here in Indiana.

Twinrocker is "handmade" watercolor paper.  The company makes it in various weights and they also make it hot pressed, cold pressed and rough.  You can also purchase the feathered edges or natural edge, which this painting was done on or you can purchase the very heavily deckled paper which gives you an entirely different option for framing.

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