Saturday, May 14, 2016


Our last class for the Spring Session with Terry Armstrong was last Tuesday.  The three of us in the photo may very well be smiling, but it was indeed, a sad day for us.  The subject for this last class was a lake scene, which I really am not even half way finished with.  It'll sit for a while and I'll "contemplate" on what I'm going to do with the painting.  

Sitting next to me is "ma bud" .. Cheryl.  Every single time we get together, it's smiles, laughs and joy.  Now, behind us is Dori .. a very, very special lady and a wonderful artist. Dori is .. well .. every once in a while, life sends one of those special people around .. those people that we call "kindred spirits".  The good lord, in his wisdom, put not only lots of years between Dori and I, but he put lots of miles.  If he hadn't ... well, I can't even guess at the things that we would have gotten into together.  Dori makes me smile and she makes my heart sing ... and on top of that, she can make a mean Bloody Mary when she wants to. So, this is the end of Spring Session and we find ourselves already looking forward to autumn!  

Tomorrow, I'm starting on a new learning adventure and am really excited.  When I begin to accomplish things ... I'll post them!  Thanks for peeking in.

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