Monday, August 15, 2016

Still Summer .. but you know me .. Thoughts Of Winter

On Thursday, August 11 .. I started on this painting.  Had found the photo of the old barn and loved the barn,  The photograph was taken in the summer and was a close up of the barn and I just felt that I would place it in surroundings (and in the winter), go make it a bit more forlorn and deserted .... it's an old barn, and I wanted that feeling of "being left alone_ so I painted it as a winter scene and added an old road.  I worked the painting until I got to the foreground and then stopped so that I could spend a couple of days deciding exactly how I wanted to handle the background .... then, on the 14th I started on that foreground in the morning and finished it by late afternoon.  I love the hot summer sun, the hotter the better.  But, as much as I love the summer I sure do love snow and I especially love to paint snow.

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