Friday, October 28, 2016

This is the 3rd painting in the Fall Session with Terry Armstrong for this year.  I have, for now, decided to call it finished ... but, I'm still looking at it! LOL!   My gosh, are we EVER satisfied with our own work.  I always think of that saying .. "It takes 2 people to create a painting.  One to paint it and one to tell the artist when to stop."  I have it "temporarily" matted, but there is a lot more painting at the top.  This is how I have it cropped for now, but that could change later and I could decide to show a lot more of that background above the bridge.   The final painting is a nuthatch, on a tree, in the winter.  It was not finished in class so for now, it's sitting on an easel and I give it a look every time I walk past it.  I want to get away from it for a bit and then go back to finishing it with a "fresh eye".   For now, I find that I am already wishing the year away, hoping for spring so that it's time for Terry's Spring session ... hey, I'm a little old lady, and I don't need to be wishing time away!!!  If Terry taught weekly classes, then I wouldn't have to do that.

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